Miss Pelli =) (winry5) wrote in zebrahead_fans,
Miss Pelli =)

Zebrahead 04/02/2006

So yeah yesterday I saw Zebrahead opening for Reel Big Fish, I had the best night ever!!!

So I met up with Grace in Brussels at four, we hang out, go to McDonalds, eat, and we go to the venue at quarter past six. at seven the doors open and we get in! We were like the only people there so yeah we got to the front row... While we wait for the show to start one person from Zebrahead comes on the stage (I think it was Ali... who does the rapping o the songs). He asks if he can take a pic of us and he did... we talk for a while, and then as he goes, I ask: “Can I have the setlist when you’re done?” “Yeah,” he replies Me: “Promise?” Him: “YES!!”... Okay that already made my night! Also, a bit later we saw another person from the band backstage who has a guitar, and we ask him "Can you play us something?" He doesn't really want to, but we insist: "Come on please? Do a preview!!" So he does, comes close to our group (there was not a big crowd yet) He starts playing, and singing for five seconds, but I thought it was nice "Okay we're Zebrahead, Bye!" and went back backstage "WE LOVE YOU!!!" Me and my friends screamed that... IT was fun. SO MUCH FUN!!!:D So yeah... at eight they play... They were awesome!!! I never had heard them before, but I loved them... Anyways while they play, an Idea came to my mind... I ask for a pen to a random person that was next to me... He had a permanent marker so I took it and wrote on a paper: “Can I have your pick?” which I showed the bassist (ben), hoping that he would see it and give it to me. What I didn’t expect though was Matty (Vocs/guitarist) to put a pick right in my hand... I was: “w00t!!”... So they play for a little more and then towards the end of their set Ben also put one of his picks on my hand and before they leave Ali gives me the setlist, as promised!! So in the end I ended up with two picks and a setlist... And that totally made my night!!! I was very happy!!! =)

Also, after the show, I met Matty, he was standing next to the merchandising store... I talk to him for a little while, asks where the others are: "They're probably upstairs taking showers, changing,..." Replies him. I also asked when the others would be down. He didn't know the exact time but said they would probably be down “Later”. Too bad... My cousins were already in a big hurry son I could not sta. y I ask him if he can sign the setlist, and he does... Then I leave, but then come back to buy the CD, and ask if he can sign it, which he does, and I ask if he can writte a personal message on the CD... He then asks my name, writes it on the CD, once (Julia, misspelled), a second time (changed the J to a G, misspelled again), a third time (Giula, misspelled once more) and finally the fourth time he got it spelled right (Giulia) :) He underlines it four times (so we know it is the good spelling, lol) and added “I ♥ “ On top of it, cuuute!! then I told him I hoped they would come back again, thank him for the pick he gave me, and I leave!

BEST NIGHT EVER!!! MATTY I LOVE YOU (Ben and Ali were ace too though!)!!! And ZEBRAHEAD IS LOVE TOO!!!!!!! =D *cant wait to see them again!!!*
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